[No longer works] MMS on the Samsung Focus S with T-Mobile Prepaid

Note: this technique no longer works, thanks to an update to the “Wireless Manager” app.

I no longer use T-Mobile so I can’t test anything new! I’m keeping this post up for archival purposes, but as far as I know, the steps described won’t work.

I recently acquired a Samsung Focus S with Windows Phone 7 (the best phone OS), and I’m using with with T-Mobile prepaid because I’m a cheapskate!  It works satisfactorily, though the Focus S only works on AT&T’s 3G and 4G bands, so with T-Mobile I get EDGE, a “2G” (read: slow) technology!  (AT&T is just too much of a ripoff to even consider!)

Anyway, so, here’s how to get MMS working on your phone:

  1. Go to the Marketplace, tap “Samsung Zone”, and download “Wireless Manager”
  2. Once that’s installed, open the Wireless Manager app
  3. Go to the “apn” screen, and tap “edit apn”
  4. Push the “+” button at the bottom
  5. Fill out the data as follows: (any fields that I didn’t mention should be left at the defaults)
    APN Name: MMS
    Profile Category: MMS
    MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
    Auth type: none
    Proxy address:
    Proxy port:8080
  6. Click the checkmark button on the toolbar

Now, try to send an MMS message…it should work!  If not, make sure that “cellular data” is set to ON in the “cellular” section of settings.


39 thoughts on “[No longer works] MMS on the Samsung Focus S with T-Mobile Prepaid

  1. pleonard

    Hey, FYI, I tried your suggestion with my AT&T SIM car still in place, and the app says specifically

    “This application does not support Focus and Omnia7. Use Network Profile instead”.

    I installed Network Profile, and I can see where it will auto select the network based on the provider. There is also a place already setup in “my” Samsung Focus under “Cellular Settings”, “add apn”, so I have to assume that would be the place. But, the fields are:

    User Name
    Proxy server/URL
    Proxy port

    That doesn’t cooincide with your data fields, so I don’t know.

    All of this is based on my having the AT&T SIM installed. It may all be different with the T-Mobile SIM installed.

  2. pleonard

    Additionally, for anyone interested, when looking for the application “Wireless Manager” or “Network Profile” in the “Samsung Zone”, it is NOT located on ZUNE Marketplace, or WP7 Marketplace, it is located on your PHONE > MARKETPLACE > SAMSUNG ZONE >

    Typical Microsoft, three places, all different.

  3. FreakyT Post author

    @pleonard Yeah, the I917 is the predecessor to the S, I believe. I don’t have one, so I’m not sure what the data fields are for “Network Profile” (why Samsung feels the need for two separate apps, I have no idea).

  4. jasonater

    @pleonard… i’m trying these steps for the samsung focus S, but it won’t let me enter enough characters for the mmsc. How could you enter such a long string? I can’t type in the full string


  5. FreakyT Post author


    OK, I figured out the problem. It seems that in a more recent update to “wireless manager”, Samsung in their infinite wisdom decided to limit the length of the MMSC string. I’m going to see if I can find a workaround…

  6. FreakyT Post author

    @Philip Leonard

    I tried using a URL shortener like you suggested, but alas it wouldn’t work. I also tried T-Mobile’s alternate MMS address, but even that was one character too long. I don’t think it’s possible unless Samsung fixes their broken app. Jerks.

  7. xs2k

    I FOUND A FIX FOR T-mobile GUYS!!!

    1. Open Wireless Manager
    2. edit APN
    APN Name: Tmobile US
    Internet (always on)
    APN: epc.tmobile.com
    Auth Type: None
    Click Done

    Now go back to Wireless Manager and check mark “Automatic APN”

  8. jasonater

    Hm, it’s not working for me yet either. Am I missing a few steps? Are there any other settings I need to change? (such as roaming?) Also, what are the other fields supposed to be? (for example, are the mmsc and the proxy ports supposed to be the default at&t ones, or should they be left totally blank).

    thanks for the help

  9. pleonard

    Some feedback on the Samsung Focus i917, the original version. I just activated a TMO SIM last night.

    What I had to do was go into NETWORK PROFILE and tap the “ACTIVE PROFILE” which defaults to AUTOMATIC when the TMO SIM is installed. Once pressed, it starts scanning and finds both AT&T and T-Mobile USA. Then it goes back to AUTOMATIC. Tap it again and take the T-Mobile USA choice, and voila, mms works.

    MMS does not work by simply putting the TMO SIM in the phone. MMS DOES work by simply inserting the AT&T SIM, it changes automatically to AT&T.

  10. hello

    I saw this fix by xs2k on another forum and it worked for me, tmobile.
    I did not have to change other settings, followed his instructions exactly. Not sure if he did it differently, but I didn’t delete or edit my original APN, I just added a new one with his settings. Now I have 2 APN’s. As long as my data is on, it works fine.

  11. Hee

    @xs2k, the settings you posted does not seem to work. I followed the instructions precisely and no go. Anyone else have any ideas?

    I agree with jasonatar, I am getting the same error with the address being too long. There has to be a fix for this…

  12. Reaction

    okay.. the following worked for me -

    1. In Wireless Manager app, go to apn -> edit apn
    2. Click on the “mms_line” option to edit. If this option does not exist/you deleted it, create one using the ‘+’ button at the bottom. Recreating the mms_line apn filled in the default AT&T values for me. Ignore those for now. Also, the name should be “mms_line”. My phone wouldn’t recognize any other name as a MMS profile.
    3. Under the edit screen, provide the MMSC as http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
    4. As xs2k mentioned, it will complain about the value being too long, ignore it (press ok twice to accept the value until the entire string is in there)
    5. Give APN as epc.tmobile.com and Save. Leave the rest as is.
    6. I left the “Automatic APN” unchecked.

    Voila!! things are working now

    Going back to the mms_line apn shows the mmsc value revert to the AT&T url, but that has not stopped MMS from working for me

  13. FreakyT Post author

    @Reaction Hmm…still doesn’t work for me. MMS messages seem to send, but after about 30 seconds the “message failed to send” thing appears and that’s it. I am never buying a Samsung phone again!


    Okay I tried what Reaction said but i can only receive mms but i cant send. It says “Cant send media content. Contact your mobile operator to adjust your settings.”

  15. Farewellviapark

    Has anything changed yet? I’m at a loss as to what to do about this. Has anything been worked out yet? I’ve tried 10 different apns to no different effect. Help would be appreciated.

  16. FreakyT Post author


    I’ve tried all the techniques listed in the comments, and none of them worked. Perhaps you could try to contact Samsung support? I did that once and they gave the runaround, but maybe you’ll have better luck…

  17. Farewellviapark

    I’ll give that a shot. I feel like there has to be some kind of other way to do this, It was working perfectly a couple weeks ago and now. Boom. dead.

  18. jon178134

    I have the samsung focus flash with N et 10 prepaid wondering if i can find a way to still be able to use all my apps it will let me do anything on e explorer but when i try to use bing or update apps I have to get into wifi. ??? Can anyone help me with this. Sadly I would need walked through step by step.

  19. God

    now i did follow the ltest update pon the comment where the man said use the mms_line i did do that and did a combo of what had originailly been stated at the top about the proxy and port number and i have succefully got my mms to work after tweaking around with it for about thirty min patience is key and combine what the comment and the original poster said

  20. Felix

    I tried these exact settings with a Simple mobile sim and it worked. Yes, the app will complain that the MMSC is too long, but will enter the character one at a time. Just follow the settings and they should work. If not, you’re doing it wrong!

  21. Kay

    I am having similar problems but I have an at&t gophone sim card. I have the required additional data package to access data on a smartphone on the network, yet I still cannot send or receive mms or pictures. I’ve tried a few apn settings that I’ve found online, but none of them seem to work. Any suggestions?

  22. Dely P

    I have a Samsung Focus and and unlocked my phone to use walmart family mobile. I have the mms working on my focus and all I did was download the Network Profile app from the market place off the Samsung Zone but once i was done I Turned off my phone took out the sim and the battery for a second the put back into the phone and started it up again worked just fine after that i did it to my husbands too I could get it to work till i turned it off and took out the pieces hopw this work for u guys to

  23. FreakyT Post author

    @Dely P, the Focus(SGH-I917) is a different phone than the the Focus S (SGH-I937). For whatever reason, the Focus S requires the “Wireless Manager” app to do the same thing that the “Network Profile” app does on the Focus

    The Focus Flash (SGH-I677) is also a different phone…

  24. Lyubomir Grigorov

    Confirmed that the following works on T-Mobile with unlocked Samsung Focus Flash from AT&T:

    APN Name: MMS
    Profile Category: MMS
    MMSC: http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
    Auth type: none
    Proxy address:
    Proxy port:8080

    Interestingly enough, by Nokia E71 picked up MMS from just the fast/epc.tmobile.com APN. But since it’s an E71-2, it has the two 3G bands that T-Mobile doesn’t use and there is no 4g (duh 2008 phone), so I am stuck with EDGE. Samsung Focus Flash shows 4G on the display, but T-Moblise is 1700 2100 and you need both and the phone is HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100, so I doubt it gets 4G or 3G.

  25. Daniel Knight

    So, if I get a Samsung Focus S 4g, where do I get a T-Mobile prepaid sim to use with it, do I just buy some cheap prepaid phone with the prepaid T-Mobile service and stick it into the Focus to try my chances to get it to work with it in the various ways posted here?

  26. FreakyT Post author


    You can get a T-mobile sim (without a phone) from their website. None of the methods described here will work, though, and you’ll only get 2G (edge) service, since the Focus S was only for AT&T .

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